Mole Hunt Renovations


Lucy and Roxy have started a major backyard renovation. They are searching for one of these evil little guys.

Sorry about your luck, buddy. Our dogs don't mess around.


They will dig until the beast is found and terminated.

The mole hole


Just look at that team work and commitment to the cause.

Digging for mole

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T Model Ford has passed.



R.I.P. T-Model Ford


We are sad to announce that James “T-Model” Ford has passed away at his home in Greenville, Mississippi after a prolonged illness. He was 94.


There’s nothing worse than waking up to find a dead hen.

Two new barred rocks!


The last of these two guys bit the dust this morning. She starting looking sick the other day. Poor thing. She was a good little egg layer and very sweet.

The other one got eaten by a coon several months ago. Such is the circle of life, Mufasa.


Oh yeah!


Poor wittle evil thing!


Yeah, Buster! That’s what you get when you climb over my fence! I bet you didn’t realize I have killer attack dogs that love their sister chickens. What’s that on your back? Oh yeah, that’s a fly, cause you’re dead!


Fat Man vs Vicious Man Eating Chicken Snake


Hillbilly Jungle Machine Renovation Update

As I mentioned earlier, things they be a changin’.

Built a new wall that faces the house. Not so much classic green as before. Going to be using that clear Tuftex poly. Mmmm, Fresh stain. Morgan hooked me up with some free salvaged windows. (Thanks, Buddy!) Yeah, that sun may not exactly be in the perfect spot but it will do for now.

Fresh paint on the new windows.


Newness on Aunt Mae’s the door, too!

I know what you’re thinking. “Everything looks so worn out!” Oh yeah, it sure does. The more, the better!



My baby girls are getting so brave

They are finally venturing out into the run. Look at all the brand new feathers!


Orchid Cactus Bloom


Found this brand new bloom this morning! I originally thought this was an ugly plant. Not any more!



Oh yeah! I’m crafty!


I rigged up a new place to hang Aunt Mae’s Staghorn. It weighs somewhere around 60lbs so it needed to be a little sturdy. The heavy chains are probably overkill but I had them lying around.